Use the features of multiple mobile phones for your
business without the need to carry additional handsets.



Turn your personal mobile phone into business tools anytime with the Virtual Mobile App by AVANSER. The app enables businesses to own all their business calls and keeps track of all business sms messages in the AVANSER Portal, or import the data into your company CRM. 


The AVANSER Portal also lets you transfer numbers instantly between people based on your business needs. With the Virtual Mobile App by AVANSER, you keep all your business contacts within your control.

Equipped with enterprise level security, the Virtual Mobile App is the ideal solution for businesses to manage small to large teams without buying additional handsets. Not only will it remove the cost of purchasing and maintaining these handsets, it will also save your Sales team from carrying too many mobile phones.


Use the Virtual Mobile App to:


Availabe on Google Play and Apple App Store.


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