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SIP is a cloud based phone product that passes through the AVANSER system, giving organisations greater control over the call. Not only does this improve your call tracking, but it allows you to leverage more of AVANSER’s product suite to reduce hardware cost and reliance on phone systems. By moving over to SIP you can track all inbound and outbound calls and enjoy free internal communication when calling internal extensions.  



What are the benefits of using SIP?


It’s the ultimate outbound solution

Track your outbound calls without having to go through the extra steps of using a dialler. SIP allows you to make calls straight from your handset as normal, make calls from your mobile and straight from your PC.  


It eliminates the need for an answerpoint

With SIP your AVANSER line can become the answerpoint saving you time and money.  


Speeds up connection times

AVANSER can pass calls to SIP extensions very rapidly. Every second counts when alleviating abandoned calls, SIP let’s you minimise the time your clients spend waiting.  


Limits the tracking numbers needed

A single tracking number can have as many extensions as needed.

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There are no additional charges to add SIP functionality to your tracking numbers.



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