Control Lead Distribution & Brand Consistency

Call Tracking is a powerful tool for franchise stakeholders who want to understand the performance of their marketing and sales processes.

Control Lead Distribution

Automatically distribute leads to branches. Direct a call to the nearest branch depending on the caller’s current location. AVANSER has many options to help you control how inbound calls are distributed and handled.


Real-Time Tracking Of Marketing Performance

AVANSER Call Tracking makes it easy to see how many leads each marketing channel is generating. See the advertising source (online or offline), search engine, keyword, location and more. In-house marketing teams and/or marketing agencies will be able to use this data to reduce marketing waste while optimising existing marketing performance to drive more calls.


Manage Inbound Call Traffic

AVANSER Call Routing allows you to set up powerful call management options and rules, giving you complete control over how calls are channeled and managed. Send sales calls to the sales team and customer service calls to the customer service team etc.


Ensure Brand Consistency

AVANSER’s Call Conversion solutions help franchise stakeholders monitor exactly what’s happening on each inbound sales call.



Based on our own call data, on average, Australian businesses miss 17% of their calls.

Missed calls are wasteful in terms of marketing dollars invested in getting the phone to ring, only to then miss that call and hand it over to a competitor.

AVANSER’s Call Tracking & Analytics solution helps you eliminate missed calls by sending an instant email to your team so they can quickly convert that call into a sale.

Our Data Works With Many Popular Platforms…

“Managing our call pipeline through AVANSER gives us peace of mind in knowing that our leads are being managed effectively and efficiently.”

Alan Carroll

Group General Manager
Rent The Roo