My introduction to the AVANSER family started with the Accounts department 8 years ago for what would have been a 3 days role but before I knew it – I was working on a full time basis and the parameters of my job description were elastic to say the least.

In the eight years that I have been with AVANSER, I have had the primary task of Accounts receivables however that role has morphed as time has gone on.

My role has covered many aspects of AVANSER’s day to day workings: We need assistance in Support, Michelle can do it,We need someone to liaise between clients and AVANSER, Michelle can do it.We need someone to manage the office and deal with building management,Michelle can do it. I was happy to manage all that as I was getting an amazing experience.

The communication with AVANSER clients’ that I have had the privilege to be a part of, has given me the knowledge of the day to day operations and a solid understanding of varied industries.

I have been a part of such a dynamic company that has put me in the box seat to see and know (almost) all parameters of the business. As time has gone on, AVANSER has grown on so many different levels. “Advancement in technology” has been the company’s starring achievement – now and will continue to be in the future as well.

I feel it is time to take the title of an Account Manager to put me back to in the driving seat of client management-understanding their needs and communicating what AVANSER can do for them.

Moving forward I will strive to impart the same passionate service and assistance to that of Simon Hamod, AVANSER’s recent Account manager who I shall replace.